Between Summer and Fall

by landingarchitecture

mex_met1 mex_met2 mex_met3 mex_met4 mex_met5 mex_met6 mex_met9 mex_met10 mex_met11 mex_met12 mex_met13 mex_met14 mex_met15 station7 station8

Commence the self-inflicted chaos we (designers) thrive on.  Fall 2013.  This semester’s highlights will include:
-Studio with Karen M’Closkey based in MIAMI
-Animation course with Todd Montgomery
-Drawing with Valerio Morabito (whose studio is traveling to Shanghai)
-[Sub]stance. More details to be revealed at another day

In the meanwhile, here are images of the Metro de la Ciudad de Mexico whose iconology was designed by Lance Wyman (who also designed the graphics for the 68 Mexican Olympics).  If you’ve been to Mexico City, you know that these designs make the city feel very…’Mexican’.