Arjen Mulder (NOT PostUrbanism)

by landingarchitecture

‘A “culture” is a translocal, unstable system that blossoms forth, now here, now there, produces localities, goes into decline, metamorphoses, subsides once more and recovers.  Instead of “cultures” it might be better to speak of “cultural systems” or “translocalities”.

‘”The City” never existed in history; there were only “cities”‘

‘”Nobody has a single culture any longer, everyone participates in a multiplicity of “cultures”‘

‘There is no ultimate truth, everything is permitted: that’s the way it is’

‘The city has ceased to be a clearly localizable spatial unit and has transformed into what might be termed an “urban field” a collection of activities instead of a material structure.  The contemporary urban experience is splendidly symbolized by the cell phone; wherever your mobile works is city, and anywhere else is countryside”



All excerpts from TransUrbanism by Arjen Mulder.  Came across this reading while in Dilip Da Cunha’s Environment Regimes course which locates notions of different urbanist movements in philosophical and cultural contexts.  I found the reading especially captivating for its bravado and manifesto-esque nature.

The book: