Harare, Zimbabwe

by landingarchitecture


HARARE_CROPPED100_trillion_dollar_bill21 1_Zimbabwe_Dollar_2008200901_ZimPoverty_HighRes 20080819_ZimFarmers_HighRes  epwoth-township-in-south-eastern-harare-with-balancing-rocks-in-the-background-photo-by-andy-kozlov-2012  harare-016-1024x768 women agriculture

After the 3rd semester at PennDesign in the MLA program (for 3 year and 2 1/2 year students) we get to pick our first option studio.  I was fortunate to land in the Harare, Zimbabwe studio with David Gouverneur to look at the interface between the formal city and informal city in the Harare Metropolitan Area (an area of great interest to my own research).  This follows a trajectory of David’s research on ‘Informal Armatures’ and studios in the past have taken place in Colombia, Venezuela and the Canary Islands.

(I do not own this images, I’ve come across them during the first part of the research)