Landscape As Experience

by landingarchitecture

Theory II: Topics: Discourses and Practices of Contemporary Landscape Architecture taught by Raffaella Fabiani Giannetto is a 2 part class taken during the first year of the MLA here at Penn.

The class is composed of lectures given by Professor Fabiani Giannetto, case studies presented by students and weekly recitation and discussion of assigned reading related to a topic in landscape architecture.  My partner, Xiaohuan Yuan and myself worked on Robert Irwin’s Central Garden at the Getty Center and recently gave a presentation on his work as it related to experience of landscape.

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The peculiar aspect of this project is that it wasn’t designed by a landscape architect but by artist Robert Irwin whose writings and work have been mainly concerned with perception and phenomenology.  In trying to decipher his design for the Central Garden, his previous work was important to study in understanding his interest in subtlety, non-objectivity and site reponse.